Hello again

So the original blog petered out for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below:-

  1. I was working stupid hours and didn’t have time to post,and I was too tired to post when I did.
  2. I don’t tend to keep hobbies for long, I go back to them and revisit them. Eventually. But I’m a flitterer
  3. I tried to be clever and funny when I did post and it’s now almost painful to look back on, but hey. I wrote it, it’s there, and I’m not a professional writer. So be it. 
  4. I got into Instagram (and tumblr, but that’s used incorrectly in more of a “this webpage/article is cool let’s save it somewhere” fashion)

Anyway, I figured I’d blog about my travels and instead of starting a new blog, I thought I’d restart this old thing.

So there will be some travel related posts, I may also post some photos and ramble about what I consider interesting stuff (again). It might not be interesting but it will probably be random in both content and timing. 

I’m rambling again, so I’ll end with a picture of a cat in a bow tie because I can.



Snakes and Cakes

So, in HK the cupcake phase is still ongoing.

One of the really good places that will give you these edible delights, in exchange for money, is Sift. Unfortunately, for my waistline, I recently discovered that there was a store 5 minutes walk away from my office (Central branch) instead of the 20 I had first thought (Wan Chai branch). This is a dangerous piece of information for someone who rather likes proper cake and hasn’t learnt to fully appreciate HK western “cake” which is about 85% air and 15% cake.

H&M recently did a collaboration with Anna dello Russo, and I accidentally ended up buying a couple of bracelets. I was originally intending to buy one but the other one somehow managed to make its way over to the till where it got paid for. Whoops.

Anyway, I was bored at work (during OT) so I figured I’d play around with photos, snakes and cakes.  Continue Reading »

A Hong Kong Maths Puzzle

G receives a letter informing her she has a bill for 274HKD that needs to be paid. She arrives at the shop to pay the bill with the following combination of notes in her purse: 2 x 100HKD, 4 x 20HKD and 1 x 10HKD.

a) What is the best combination of notes to pay off this bill?

The salesman takes her money and walks to the back of the shop. (N.B. This is where the tills are kept because who wants ugly tills that clutter up their beautifully present shop?) He then returns and hands G back 20HKD saying that the bill is in fact for 247HKD, and walks off to the back of the shop to finish the transaction leaving a rather confused G.

When the salesman returns, he gives G a receipt for 274 HKD and 33HKD change leaving an even more confused G.

b) At this stage, how much is G in profit/debt by?

c) [Non-maths question] Is G right to be confused? What would you do in her position?

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Awesome Signs #2

The Chinese seem to have a thing when naming companies or buildings to include (usually) positive adjectives in the name to encourage business (for lack of a better way to phrase it).

This is why there are buildings in Hong Kong called “Champion House”, “Prosperous Height” (yes, singular), “Comfort Mansion”, “Fortune Garden”, “Lucky House” and “Perfect Commercial Building”. Yes, I know, the entire list consists of building names, but to fair, that’s what happens when you compile a list by searching through the index of  the Hong Kong Guide. I know, it’s cheating. I’m sorry.

I’ll try to find a (better) list of company names to post some time in the future. Some of the amusing ones I’ve come across include:

  • “King Fun” something or other – I think they might have been architects – I can’t remember exactly (whoops),
  • “The Boring Engineering Company” – they do geotechnical stuff (read stuff to do with soil and rock engineering) and
  •  “Very Good Seafood Restaurant” – can’t say if it’s true or not, seeing as I haven’t been, I’ve just walked past it (on Nathan Road opposite Kowloon Park if you’re interested)

[Well, this is rather embarrassing – I forgot to hit “publish” for this post, written at the beginning of last month and only just dug it up. Enjoy.]


[Alternative title: Foggy Days]

Apparently the British like to talk about the weather a lot. It’s also been some time since I last talked about the weather. So in order not to ruin the stereotype, I’ll talk about the weather now.

Here are just a few of the views you could have experienced in the past few weeks if you were here in HK.


ICC – the tallest building in Hong Kong

It’s the left most building of the left most block in the picture

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Headless in Stanley

Concrete warriors of Stanley:


Trapped in a dirty mirrored cupboard:

Deliberate Misinterpretation

In Central, there’s a supermarket/delicatessen called Oliver’s. Tagline: “The delicatessen” (or something like that). It’s a pretty good place to buy all your imported goods, like coffee, any packaged and branded goods or butternut squashes for the equivalent of about 8GBP. At least.

Anyway, the last time I went in was to find some porridge oats i.e. the real stuff not the instant textureless muck that passes for porridge in most normal supermarkets in HK. They seemed to be going through a … well, the best word I can think of to describe it at the moment is “rejiggle” (any advice on a better word would be highly welcome).

This meant that there were some perfect scenarios for deliberate misinterpretation. *Cue random person taking photos in the supermarket for your enjoyment. Again*


Photo No. 1

I agree, this one almost doesn’t count, vino is passable as organic (having been grown on vines) and natural. But still, you’d expect it to be in the “WINE” section. That and I think dried apricots and walnuts used to live there.

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